This toot has wings! 馃悩 馃惁

I sent this toot from and it showed up here AND on twitter! @matrix

@matrix I am building "client" that pukes every event in a room to mastodon (and twitter) - It isn' t done yet :D

@qbit @matrix How long until a plug-in that pushes to git so your blog can be updated too?

@abyxcos @matrix That was almost my original goal - I wanted matrix -> blog, mastodon, twitter

still might end up with that (rss would be super easy)

@qbit I want to like Matrix but the poor state of server-side tooling and the Electron clients are disappointing :(

@calvin @qbit It's all open spec and steadily improving. I'd rather go down this road than lock in with Discord.

If it gets momentum going, these issues could be quickly resolved. 馃槈

@calvin server side has gotten muuuch better (since synapse 0.24) - I run it entirely on OpenBSD! Also the client works great without electron (I also use it on OpenBSD)!

@qbit less perf, more tooling - the Debian packages they had were quite broken; telling you to run the same command that had failed! wasn't impressed with the lack of polish.

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