hey friends. I’m told the Forest Cafe (a leftist institution in is in rather urgent need of cash.

You can walk in with money and tell them it’s a donation. If can’t make it there in person, I’m happy to forward on money along with my own donations, and I’ll make sure to say it came from you if you want. Just get in touch.

If you don’t have the spare money, please shout about it so other people know. If you do have spare money, donate it, then shout.

Any money I receive will go straight to the Forest Cafe. Again, you can walk in and make a donation, or probably call them up and find out their bank details. I just want to make it easy to get money to them.

We can help them get through the month and reach financial stability again. The Forest is our last free community space, supports independent art, and gives free food and a safe space to people who need it. Edinburgh would be lost without it. ✊️

To the kind person who sent me money last night for the Forest, I’ve just handed it in.

For everybody else, please read my thread. 👆

The Forest Cafe is also a registered charity, if that makes it easier to donate to them. I can find out more details about that if you want! Just let me know.

@qyliss thanks for bringing this up! I'm in edi from the 17th; will make sure I pop along
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