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Alyssa Ross @qyliss

TWITTER: “use first name last name if you can — it looks professional”
MASTODON: “Hi I’m fluffy at homosexual dot party”

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@qyliss and that's what I hate about current state of Twitter: everyone has to be and look professional

@qyliss see… i've been wondering all this time if i should follow you with my ~professional~ account (@hirojin) or with this my private one…

I think it's more like...

TWITTER/FACEBOOK/GOOGLE+/etc: "Use first name/last name because our managers, designers, database admins, and programmers are all so unimaginative and ignorant that they can't conceive of the existence of people from cultures where family name comes before personal name or people from cultures where names can't be neatly split into two fields. Oh, and if either name exceeds 25 characters, you're shit out of luck."



Using modified citation rules:

Last Name, FirstName. (User Name).
"The toot in its entirety." Date, Time. Toot.

N/A, Fluffy. (
"Hi I'm fluffy at homosexual dot party" 11 April, 2017, 12:51pm. Toot.

@qyliss this is terrible and misleading! how dare you!


@qyliss While using a email :D

@qyliss using my first and last name on any online network would only lead to utter confusion. Like many GenX/Y folk of Asian ancestry but European birth, I have a Western/European given name and Chinese family name my Dad who was Malaysian Chinese).
So do 1000+ other lads of similar age, across Europe, Malaysia and Singapore. A lot of them also work in IT/tech and share the same hobbies as myself..

@qyliss Well now I just feel silly and have missed out on being called Mr. Kittens.