There is almost no fight I prefer than the fight with marxists opposed to abolishing intellectual property.

More than almost anything else the struggle to abolish IP brings out the rank workerism and myopic obsession with labor among certain marxists. If the profitability of your job is predicated on hurting the public via state violence (eg with the censorship of IP law) your job should be abolished. No apologies.

Who are these "marxists" opposed to abolishing intellectual property?

(Fortunately, Uncle Karl explained that he was not a marxist...)


While obviously not every marxist, they do crop up repeatedly. Every time I make a post about abolishing IP on the bird site folks show up to denounce the abolition of IP as "stealing labor value from workers". Jacobin did an article taking this stance a while back.


The reason Uncle Karl said he was not a marxist was he saw dogmatism coming.

People who are dogmatic about something written in the 1800's did not read their Marx very carefully.

Was this the article you meant?

I don't get into arguing about this stuff, and the article is not much of a marxist analysis, so I won't even try to comment on that. Would prefer to think about what should be done.

What we have been doing in cooperative economic networks is rewarding creators of ideas and designs that are used in anything that brings in some money with a cut of the income.

ValueFlows is starting to call this "social reciprocity".

@rechelon how does abolishing laws granting intellectual property rights become "state violence"?

IP law is already a law mandated by the state, so and changing the law is hardly "censorship", or am I missing something?


Sounds like you flipped things around. I'm saying we should abolish IP law because it's censorship.

@rechelon oh right. That does make way more sense, I must have misread.

@rechelon opensource is the way. Or even better, community projects like Monero (not in structure, but spirit).

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