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rysiek ✅ @rysiek

Finally setting up my wonderful new server. Debian 9 already up. Was going to remove , but apparently and require it. Eh.

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@rysiek I'm running Docker in GoboLinux and we don't use systemd

@hisham_hm interesting. So maybe that's just libvirtd, then.

@rysiek @hisham_hm libvirt doesn't directly require systemd - it can link to libsystemd but that's also configurable during build.

@barthalion @hisham_hm ah, thanks. I might not be inclined to rebuild libvirtd in Debian though, so the question is: is it possible to use libvirtd in Debian without systemd. I guess we will have to see. :)

@rysiek @hisham_hm That probably depends on how purist you are. I doubt that it uses libsystemd (note: not systemd as init) for anything crucial, so if you're fine with having it installed, I would call it a day.

@barthalion @hisham_hm will have to test this. It will involve running libvirtd inside a VM, because why make things too simple! ;)

@lx does it support libvirtd and docker?

@rysiek I just spun up a quick installation and when I install "libvirt-daemon", it doesn't want to install anything related to systemd, so I guess there is no issue. I will try docker next, but I don't see a problem so far. What exact packages were you looking for?

@lx thanks for testing! Much appreciated! I'll have a spin as soon as my harddrives finish encrypting. :)