One day, @jk is going to change avatars and then the entire Fediverse will collapse

@sanspoint i actually changed avatars once, in 2016, because the gif wasn't getting scaled properly and it was using large amounts of upstream bandwidth so @Gargron asked me to optimise the file to make it smaller. as a consequence i stopped the background image panning (so only the cones move relative to the camera) and also i swapped the rotation direction too

@jk @Gargron Yes, but it’s still the rotating coyote. If you ever change to something completely different *kaboom*

@sanspoint @jk Hey JK, one of those days let's do a Freaky Rotating Friday

@Ronflaix @sanspoint im sorry but the entire fediverse will collapse

@jk @sanspoint it won't end in an explosion bit in a rotation. :P

@jk @Ronflaix @sanspoint

its halloween just rerender the coyote but with like
a pumpkin hat
or something
a ghost

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