I like to put on very very stupid shows in the bg while I'm working because they don't require thinking or looking at (lots of sfx) but are something distracting if I get bored with looking at my page. After 2 weeks of immersion I feel I have enough data to say that Toddlers and Tiaras is the exact opposite show of Ax Men.

Der-shing Helmer

T&T is the ultimate display of toxic femininity: cattiness, overbearing motherhood, extreme focus on external looks and children mimicking sexual/ mate-attracting behaviors. Ax Men is the opposite; sweaty angry screaming men tearing down hundreds of years of forest, wrestling/ fighting each other, fixated on discovering and conquering giant "wood."

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The most gender neutral show is of course River Monsters, which combines aspects of hunting and conquering with softly petting a fish and sometimes watching it give birth in your boat (also because I myself do not care for gender, but do identify in some ways as a gentle freshwater beast).


@shingworks I am waiting for Jeremy Wade to shoujo henshin into a fish friend, tbh.


@lennan my favorite part of that show is that he stopped making it once he had finished looking at all the cool fish. That's called ~respect~


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