I know what my online brand is, and what the perception of that is, but am less sure how I'm viewed as a ~real~ person.

Someone once told me that I seem very closed-off online, which is fine, but I was surprised that it was that obvious, given how active I am and how often I post things.

It's necessary to safeguard your privacy online (especially nowadays) and while I do like putting parts of myself out there, it's a curated experience... Either brutally honest but requires effort to interpret (webcomics) or fun and easy but superficial (crab memes).

I'm also super aware of how identity is marketed and "sold" on the internet, esp irt gender and sexuality, and I've honestly suffered way too much for mine to cheapen it with throwaway jokes.


The other danger is that I'm just spiteful and furious all the time, haha. I like Mastodon cuz it's very quiet here compared to other places and it's nice to have the illusion of a small, intimate chat here. It is tempting to share some actual "real" thoughts just to get them off my chest but! would anyone like me if they knew what an angry person I am? Probably not.

So yeah, thank god for comics, where it's okay to tear out the throat of your enemies as long as it takes 4 years to post.

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