The tbh app basically has you add your friends and then asks you questions like: who's really good at being a friend? You choose someone, and it tells them someone said it about them, but not who did. Anonymous compliments. One of the few apps I know which actually tries to create a positive vibe. It has a network problem, though; most people aren't on it. I wonder if a similar thing could work where your friends are those you follow and are followed by on Mastodon? Could be lovely.

@sil In theory perhaps.... but what happens if you never get a compliment from the app?

@shellkr then you'll never get a notification and you'll forget about it, most likely :) I think most people's pool of mutual followers on Mastodon is likely too small for it to be effective, though...

@sil Yeah, perhaps... I am just cautious. The intent with it is really good. :)

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