The Ring thing makes me want to go around tje neighborhood and smash my neighbors' doorbells.

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I have plenty of neighbors who would love to help build that totalitarian state. They share pictures and videos of "suspicious" people and vehicles on Nextdoor every day.

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There was a proposal recently for the city to build a system for people to voluntarily hand over their camera credentials and locations so that the cops could pull up footage on demand. I wrote a letter to my councilmember objecting on the basis that people would start objecting to the cameras even being present.

Our laws are wholly insufficient to prevent the construction of a public/private surveillance state.

thoughts on nyt privacy opinion piece 

@skynebula @erroruser@example.com The winning move is to not play. Stop using Internet services. Stop giving businesses money. Ultimately, the goal is to bankrupt the media and the businesses that fund them. Make yourself impossible to market to.

Businesses need to be reminded that they don't exist without people to buy their meaningless distractions.

Privacy itself is simple. Open businesses up to liability for any mishandled data. Then actually fucking enforce it. I'm talking 90% of a year's revenue. Maybe then they'll start caring about the data they so flagrantly steal.
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