On a hike in the woods, I walked right through a thin spider's web stretched out across two trees at face level. As if I were a fly. My first reaction was, something I can't see is on my face and it's freaking me out. Second reaction, I hope the spider isn't attached to the web attached to my face. Third, that's pretty cool that such a small creature could create such an amazing thing. Fourth, feeling guilty about accidental destruction of spider artwork. Fifth, moving on.

@dogtrax But I suspect that while you describe this step-wise, the reality is not so linear. I can see each of these steps on co-equal paths back and forth from sense to brain to muscle, cross connecting, combining in creative short circuits of fear and relief. Ending here. A thousand miles away. One last circuit. responses

@tellio True. Writing with order makes the experience false in reality.


@dogtrax mashup from a

Writing with order
makes the experience
false in reality.
a feature,
not a bug.

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