I've been listening back to one of my favourite jungle sets from last year - Flight b2b Mantra for EQ50. I've always loved Flight's subtle mixing style, and Chickaboo's up there with Conrad as my favourite MC from the earliest days.

Massively recommended if you haven't heard this one yet.


@thankyouforthehorse Might break Logical Progression out later tonight, hearing the start of this...MCing unfortunately ruins it for me, but I'll keep giving this one a chance.


@Sherkel Oh same here, I can't stand MCing 99% of the time. Well worth finding Logical Progression 2 if you haven't yet, still close enough to the golden era for there to be a few great tracks on there.

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@Sherkel Nice! Such a great atmosphere in the mixed set.

Have you heard Blame's newer tracks? He's been on a roll lately: blame.bandcamp.com/album/sith-

@thankyouforthehorse Whoa, I really really like Sith. Thanks for showing me. Might be about time to rotate out some of the modern DnB I've had playing lately...

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