a reminder that this is all the exposition you get out of God Hand

"you've arrived in town. here's some guys to ponch" also here's your soundtrack for walking through town ponching random thugs and Actual Demons

@Nine it emulates very well nowadays if your machine can handle PS2 emulation!


@Nine what the SHIT

I got my copy in like 2011 for £4 or sommat

@theoutrider okay I mnaanged to find a copy for like, £20 on ebay, but amazon has only 3 copies for like £48, and one fucko on ebay is selling their used copy for £100 XD

@Nine ANYWAY it emulates well and you get widescreen and high res if you fancy out of it

@Nine "compatible on PS3" good luck finding a PS3 with PS2 hardware BC these days

@theoutrider right??? it was just like, the first gen of them wasn't it that had BC?

@Nine yeah

also that was the gen that fairly commonly died of the same thing as 360s eventually

Because of the combination of BC causing issues and early, cheap build quality right?

@Nine nah, the BC was software only in the EU hardware and thus worse than in the first-run US consoles (which had the relevant PS2 hardware built in)

the issue is the same with both - lead-free solder + heat expansion/contraction/deformation of the mainboard would eventually cause the GPU's solder joints to break

(lead-free solder loses its flexibility a bit quicker than lead solder, so becomes more brittle and thus more susceptible to deformation)

@Nine this is why you could often fix a RROD/YLOD by putting the console in the oven for a while or taking the heat sink off and just letting it run hot while increasing pressure on the heatsink clamps (e.g. by adding washers between the clamp+mainboard)

@Nine effectively softening the solder again so it reforms the broken connections

@theoutrider Ah yeah I forgot about the whole "baking your console" shit, ahahah. like I'm guessing they actually figured out what the issue was, but couldn't/wouldn't crack open the case to try a less uh... "nuclear option"?, so figured they'd just pop it in the oven for a little bit and just be super careful about the temp?

@Nine yeah pretty much, it was the fix for people who weren't confident with opening their console and dicking around with clamps and heatsinks

@theoutrider so, basically, people like me.

though I'd have to basically do it liek it was a level in cooking mama.

*takes cooked ps3 out of oven* "Wau! Even better than Mama!"

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