If you are in a photo that has been uploaded to Flickr, IBM may have used your face to train facial recognition technology that could eventually be used to surveil you.

Nearly a million photos were scraped from Flickr to do so.

@torproject 10 years ago was a good time to stop taking photos of yourself

@torproject Gosh, I guess they didn't learn their lesson from helping the Nazis commit genocide.


I think I had one picture of myself on there before deleting almost everything. It was a shoulders-up back view so all you could see was my ocean of hair. On the minus side, I never had the heart to tell mr_xeno not to put pics of us on FB.

@oplife at the same time.... If you have put your photo on a public server of the interwebz, who knows whatever madness your face may have been used for....

@sakrecoer Yes it's quite an obvious potential consequence of that scenario considering the freedoms that users and organizations may take on the interwebz.

@torproject 唔只IBM啦,好多人Train AI都係餵佢食幾個主要Social Network嘅public photo啦,包括在下 :blobaww: :blobcat:

@torproject they weren't scraped in the slightest, they were compiled while respecting each photo's license, and that makes it FAR worse, so let's focus on that please.

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