Researchers at MIT are recruiting Tor users for a research study focused on the importance of anonymity online. The study is meant to understand how the uses of services like Tor may change under different contexts. Learn more and take part:

@torproject well, I dont think that much "real" Tor users will participate. They don't even have an onion

@torproject Any one of the scenarios presented would cause me to completely stop using Tor and seek out some alternative. Do you know what the underlying purpose of the survey is?

> There exists people who don't like kicking puppies. Those people are a problem

> Would you feel comfortable with Comcast, Cloudflare, Google, along with your local government and some internet random teaming up to use some complicated rube golberg machine to spy on you for the US government/NSA that would include making tor globally and for you less reliable, more complex, slower, less accessible to help address the problem of "People who don't like kicking puppies"?

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