ok holy shit there is a new twist in the counter.social saga

nani the fuck


@anna ah yes love too browse the three timelines: home, local, and security

@trwnh @anna my brain refuses to read the middle one as anything other than "COSMONAUT"

@Leradvor @anna probably that police feed thingy he added or whatever it is that replaced federated

@trwnh @Leradvor COSOCOM is the most hilariously useless shit, except for BOTSENTINEL which is somehow even more broken and terrible

@anna @Leradvor luckily i have no idea what those things are and also i don't wish to know. it's all bullshit to me

@trwnh @Leradvor BOTSENTINEL is jester's attempt to create something like what eunamonia is trying to make. its hilariously broken and bad.

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