when will nintendo of america stop deadnaming birdetta

@trwnh whoa what
is this an official thing or a really good shitpost

@alayna they "fixed" the manual later by swapping the names back for birdo/ostro nintendo.co.jp/clv/manuals/en/

but they still kept the "birdetta" thing which doesn't quite make as much sense as the catherine/cathy thing from doki doki panic's manual gamingalexandria.com/highquali

@alayna another fun fact, when nintendo released a timed "challenge version" of super mario usa (what they call smb2 in japan) for the bs satellaview, they had 3 trans women from a night club do the voice acting for the pink / red / green birdos themushroomkingdom.net/birdo.s

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