Live test of the new location feature on my way to work 😺


@dev hmm so I just doesn't show any of the location on the mastodon side This is expected, Mastodon does not support it.

It's only interoperable with #Honk and other #microblogpub instances for now.

@dev @liaizon Couldn't you just add for example an OSM link to the HTML content?

@mayel @dev yeah I was thinking the same, can you add something that would show up as a alternative for platforms that dont support your added meta data? I don't know, I will think about it.

Initially, I implemented this to be interoperable with #Honk, so this would break Honk compatibility, as #microblogpub user would not see locations anymore from it, and followers using Honk would see the location twice.


@dev btw, I've been reconsidering the correctness of putting place in tag vs location. Initially, my line of thinking was an Event takes place in a location, thus location field, but notes are more "about" a place, so it's tag. I'm not sure this distinction is helpful, and is somewhat non-standard. The AS spec simply says "associated". So basically, it's just like a tag, but it lives outside the tag property.

Will probably get more buyin from other projects if we stick to the field that's defined in AS.

@tedu @dev i would use still use `location` imo. `tag` to me indicates that something in `content` should be replaced with an embedded Link (e.g. a mention or a hashtag).

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@trwnh ok, I'm convinced. :)

This should have a nicely AP/AS compliant location tag.
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