i want to make an oracle solaris pleroma theme that i can use for the sole enjoyment of myself for april fools
@trwnh it is a little weird that there isn't a java AP pub implementation yet

@a9 i think ionch is working on that but yeah it's mostly php and go outside of mastoroma


@a9 honestly it's kinda funny how afaik there aren't any pure AP servers? they all seem to do some sort of extension or addon to get around having to implement c2s

kroeg maybe seems to be capable of being run as a pure AP server but idk how to run it

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@trwnh I thought about C2S some and I think many operations are unspecified and it's not clear how you'd go about them.

Take lists. You want to organize following into lists to catch up on this or that. Sure, you can Add them to a Collection, but where do you get the posts? How does a client find and know which collection endpoint has your @ notifications?

The client side only seems usable as a gateway to the S2S stuff, but much less so for actually managing client-y stuff.


@tedu entirely up to the client i think

the Server is basically just datastore and delivery in the pure AP model. the Client makes all other decisions.

yes, this means your clients need to make the same assumptions.

but otherwise, think IMAP labels, except with URIs.

@tedu there are apps that let you take notes and put them in a "notes" label in IMAP. some email apps create their own labels like "snoozed" or "scheduled".

it's basically that.

@tedu or restated in a sister problem:

how do you know the URI of a given object?

sure you can ask the user to input their own actor id, and now you have inbox and outbox, maybe streams. but how do you know about arbitrary collections? answer: you can't. the client has to know it for you.

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