i actually hate when people measure the cost of a service by comparing it to cups of coffee per month that you could give up

the number of coffees i purchase monthly is 0 and i do not have it in me to go -2 coffees for your service

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at that point it just sounds like you want me to buy you coffee

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@codl i have to really like you to buy you a subway sandwich

@codl or alternatively, really hate you (if it's a bad subway)

Is there a boost this indefinitely feature implemented yet?
Until then ⬆️ x 1000

@trwnh kinda sounds like Facebook? we will squeeze two coffees of value out of you somehow.

@trwnh @purplemontart i am currently in the process of eliminating services so I can afford my coffee habit. it’s a sluppery slope from here to the flop house.

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