my family is currently mocking me for saying that i want my work to be ethical lmao

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because who cares if youre killing people as long as you got that sweet cash money riding that mercedes or bm and living life on the town amirite????

fuck that

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@trwnh I feel you, my family does not understand open source and think I will become a billionaire from pixelfed no matter how many times I try to explain it to them.

@dansup one of my friends in high school wanted to do a cover called "abdullah" about me

@trwnh lmao, that song was a hit back in the day, shame it never happened 😂

@dansup i wonder if they still have the lyrics they were working on in their notebook

@trwnh Ugh, that sucks. Good on ya for pursuing it though.

@wizard the wage relation is unethical but the labor you perform doesn't have to be unethical, there are plenty of things to do that aren't unethical

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