2020 is the year everyone runs for the position of mastodonproject account manager

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i think the mastodonproject twitter should be communally owned and operated, every week we give it to a different user just like the official sweden account used to be run by random swedes

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this started as a shitpost but i legitimately think it would be an idea worth considering

mastodon is the people that use it, or at least it should be

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anyway i would like to pre-emptively remove my self from the running, you couldnt get me to use twitter again even if you paid me

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that's a hell of a thought, being paid to use twitter

i legitimately do not think i would do it for any price

i mean everyone has their price but i dont even want to consider the question, it would probably be astronomically high and i would still quit eventually for mental health reasons

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@sean sorry, only Mastodon Genuine Advantage users are allowed

@trwnh remember im just vice poster
ill just post while shes asleep

@alayna i would also be willing to take an actual cabinet if you've got a spare one in the hotel for me to move into

@alayna it really is and y'all need to get outta there :polarbear:

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