The other day I've been installing a small HP printer/scanner for a relative. I've downloaded the official HP application for Windows 10, and I've soon discovered, that would not let us scan any documents unless we create an online account. The manufacturer would not let you use the device you purchased unless you give them personal information. The (dystopian) future is now!

I just installed and we were done with HP's crap.
I am shook. Using is becoming an absolute necessity.

Hi @unfa !
What's Naps2? Does it work only with HP or also with several other printers brands?

@Petit_Lutin It's an open-source scanning program for Windows - best tool for scanning I know. No bloat. Simple, easy and powerful if you need it to be.


Using #FOSS is becoming an absolute necessity.

So is consumer regulations. Take it back to the store and get a refund. That's the only way consumer hostile practices like this will have any negative effect for the offending corporation.

@harald I am afraid it's a bit too late for that, as the printer was first used on Linux only, and we had no issues there.
I wonder if I could make an RMA ticket about this though.

@unfa Ah, I see... I thought it was a new device :) That makes it a bit different, depending on how long you've had it of course.
Thanks for this! I'll be using it soon :)

@rghvdberg Me too. Maybe I should write a letter to HP. Or make a video and scream at them in the woods.

@unfa @rghvdberg As someone who has seen the inside of that particular sausage factory, I will never voluntarily buy any post-1998 HP hardware but their workstations and business laptops without *extensive* prior research beforehand


I tried to install a mesh networking kit to my mum's business and it wouldn't let me set up the network unless I installed an app on a modern smartphone, and suggested I use Facebook to register with the app.

Who actually builds this shit.

I always recommend pro-grade network gear, especially for a business. My preferred brand is . Very friendly.

@unfa the same thing happens with ebook readers, you need to connect to a wifi and register account just to open-up the "browse books" section / skip the tutorial.
the whole thing has a bunch of analytics built-in so they can know as much stuff about you as possible, so they can try to sell you books through their built-in store.

luckily it is possible to hack the device by connecting to the PC and editing a DB file. thus never connecting to a wifi.

yes really annoying, and it is everywhere!

I think HP are right to demand all your personal details before using a device that you purchased.
You can't just let any old person plug any old device into their computer without full surveillance, just in case they might try to take over the world with said scanner/printer. Plus, how would they be able to bombard you with offers for replacement ink? 🤔 🤭

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