Goddamn, the new Twitter layout is a royal CLUSTER FUCK.

Every time I log in, I think only of Fischer-Price toys and blabbering on about goo-goo-gaa-gaa and blowing raspberries at the monitor. MAYBE, with their next update, I'll even be motivated to fling poo at it.

And they've just destroyed the sanctity of the timeline. To read any tweet in depth, you MUST take a screenshot of it. Because, you run a real risk of another tweet arriving, and when it does, the WHOLE F'ING TIMELINE shifts.


AND, it shifts in such a way that you run a real chance that the tweet you were literally just looking at doesn't exist in that timeline anymore.

I've already had two tweets just up and fucking disappear on me.


All tweets are, is dust in the wind. Dude.

And if you scroll up and down fast enough, you'll see this in real time, where sometimes tweets will come and go.

Unfathomable. Un-fucking-fathomable.

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