A lot of attempts at adding 'debug support in production builds' seem to me like dumping more hay on the haystack.

@azure This vindicates my preference for not totally sequestering production into immutable of services running under Docker.

Give me (controlled!) shell access so that I can log in and #(%* poke around when shit hits the fan. Let me learn what I need to learn, explore, experiment with code changes to see how things are affected.

THEN, I can take what I learned, write up a solution, submit the patch for code review, commit, and re-deploy properly.

We're not working with space probes.

@vertigo There are Many things I dislike about containers-as-distribution-format. Among them is that there's no really good way to just add debug symbols to them if you need them.

I expect the pendulum will swing back and someone will found a startup in the radical new idea of having software come in Parcels are annotated with Necessities that let a Parcel Overseer pull in the Necessary parcels when you install one, with the big selling points of management, more efficient use of space, and patching security vulnerabilities in a number of Parcels in one go just by upgrading a Necessity rather than having to rebuild each container individually…
@vertigo (I wonder. If I wait one year can I approach a venture capitalist and get them to give me millions of dollars to resell Debian?)
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