@h I just signed up for an account on massdrop the other day so I could get past their wall to look at all the gorgeous keyboards. I am ready for my first mechanical but I haven't figured out what to start with.

@wakest I'm undecided as well. Whether to go for something very traditional and kinda retro for the fun of it, or something more forward futuristic, like a mechanical, wireless backlit keyboard built to last.


@h "The only way to truly turn the keyboard off is to completely remove its batteries." mmm that sounds annoying.

@wakest Yeah. Perfection is still elusive. If I'm going to spend $100 in a keyboard to last for years, I want it to avoid obvious design flaws.

@wakest ($100 or more, some aren't very cheap)

@h I was seeing some keycap sets alone going for $250

@wakest Yep, that's .... otherworldly in my estimation 😃
The price of a brand new computer.

@wakest That's why I'm still sticking to the most versatile and comfortable industrially made Logitech. If it lasts another year, it's going to be a steal. I hadn't noticed how popular they are, but the other day I saw some guys on a Youtube video about IC fabbing. It's quite possible Logitech have sold millions of these by now.


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