@ajroach42 @tomasino

Relevant to your Luddite, plaintext, old school interests. :)

@gaditb @wakest and it's a much better reading experience, also accessible, gdpr or not ...


What's funny is that if everyone in the adtech industry switched to textlink ads from now on people would be so curious by cryptic oneliners they'll start clicking on the links again 🤑

@wakest The NPR text-only site is great for accessibility. On a Chromebook with Select-to-speak enabled it is as simple as clicking on a story, hit Search + A and Search + S. Chromebook speaks the story. Nice! text.npr.org

I think it's time we changed the default browser CSS a bit. Maybe to something like this[0], but with more contrast.
[0]: bettermotherfuckingwebsite.com

@wakest This is something all websites *should* be able to do. In fact, should be tested like this on purpose.

I don't think that one is due to gdpr. At least for me, there's still things trying to track me.

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