@Basix you already found most of the ones but there are a few you are missing your welcome to look through the list I have been keeping here:

and the one @strypey has been working on here

@wakest Is it okay to sharing some of your contents under CC0?

@wakest thank you! I'll mention you at contributors page :)

@Basix @wakest copyright doesn't apply to basic facts :) Sure, there are "sui generis database rights" in some jurisdictions, but I don't support them (, and I promise *not* to sue you if you copy items from the list of ActivityPub apps I've been compiling (hell, even the whole list!).

@Basix @wakest FWIW for technical notes of this nature, putting quotes around any section larger than a single item, and attributing the quote to the original creator (with a link if online) is usually pretty safe.

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