@bamfic how would you feel about configuring it so addresses exist on spaz.org as opposed to the hub sub domain? I think it can work just with syslinks then peoples handles can match their spaz mail emails

@wakest sure, point me to the docs, or i'll dig around. the blocker might be getting stan to update srv records.

@bamfic looks like there's not an easy way to do it in pleroma. I guess there is in Mastodon tho.

@wakest i cant seem to get federation to happen with anyone other than you. not sure where to look or who to ask

@bamfic hey @lain my friend is having some federation problems with pleroma anyone might be able to lend a hand?

@wakest @lain in tusky, pull down to refresh doesn't actually pull anything from @technomancy . how would i go about troubleshooting federation between hub.spaz.org and icosahedron.website? logs? diagnostic steps? tests i could do?

@bamfic @wakest

@bamfic I can see and respond to you. Is that just because I am connected to wakest?

@bhaugen @wakest Not sure. As an example, I'm following @technomancy , but all I see is his profile, no posts.

@bamfic @bhaugen @technomancy sadly that is how it’s “suppose to work” when you are a new instance and you start following someone you only get their new data not their old stuff. Not sure why it’s set up like that but it is probably working how it’s intended.

@wakest @technomancy @bamfic

If you click on their name-link and expand them in the right column, looks like you can see a lot of their feed. Not sure about before-your-time, though.

@bhaugen @bamfic @technomancy they are using pleroma not mastodon FYI so those directions would differ.

@wakest @technomancy @bamfic

That's interesting. How do y'all pleroma?

I'm still a relative noob in mastadon. Looked at the pleroma repo a bit, but haven't looked into the UI or tried it.

@bamfic @technomancy @wakest

I mean, how do y'all *like* pleroma?

(brain farts...;-(

@wakest @technomancy @bhaugen naw, he's posted stuff since i've been following. not recieving it


@lain still having issues getting federation to work right. Have any insight?

@wakest Can you untag me? I just knew another pleroma dev that might be able to help. I am not a dev myself.

@lnxw48a1 not sure what you mean by untag. There is not such a feature in mastodon.

@wakest I "untagged" Linux Walt in this reply. "Untag me" is just shorthand for "I've lost interest in this thread, please delete my @username from any further replies". I am getting myself into the habit of untagging people who haven't said anything in a thread for a while, and may have lost interest, before they have to ask.

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