maybe also to mention two blogging plattforms that are already implementing #ActivityPub. There is #plume and @write_as.

@danstonchat @paulfree14 @write_as @cwebber I actually hope we'll get to it. And possibly not just plugin, it should be base functionality, integrated with comments.


@drequivalent @danstonchat @paulfree14 @write_as @cwebber @johnonolan @dansup @kaniini AAAAAND they already want to implement in Ghost! "
Something not mentioned in this post that I'm very interested in, is using ActivityPub to connect different Ghost instances together - just like Mastodon. If anyone is interested in chatting about this, I'd love some advice." John O'Nolan, founder of Ghost (mastodon.xyz/@johnonolan/10003)

@wakest @drequivalent @danstonchat @paulfree14 @write_as @cwebber @johnonolan @dansup @kaniini Huh, last it was brought up there was little interest. I assume things have changed since it's official W3C now...

@trwnh it's similar to ActivityPub actually, so it might happen after 1.0. there's also diaspora* interop that i want to investigate too.
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