GNU Social is joining side of the thanks to the hard work of @up201705417! Federate all the things! Standards are powerful things!

@wakest @dansup is together with me in this journey! Also, @mmn is there for us when necessary ^^

@roland I am not sure thats the most recent. they might have another repo somewhere. that was just the one I found by a quick search.

The plugin is not yet ready to be used. It's unsafe and non-functional (for now). The expected is that it will be ready to be used 1st August, at least that's the expected by @dansup ... I still have to see to believe it xD
But @dansup told me he had a surprise for me today! I was unable to find it, but maybe he finished the plugin while I was sleeping o_O

You can follow the progress of the plugin by checking the issue board:

Today I've worked on issues #34, #35 and #41 (all from backlog), for which I should push a fix tomorrow (cc: @dansup)
@roland Please, let me know why you found the code unstable, although the readme from the master branch states that the code in the dev branch is stable, it is "stable" for the developers and not ready to be used in production just yet, we will move the code to master branch when it's ready. Still, if you found some problem, publish an issue or message me or @dansup so that we can take a look at it, feedback is important and energize us so that we continue our journey :)
Do you have a GIT URL by chance or maybe also an issue tracker? I like to get my changes merged in.
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