GNU Social is joining side of the thanks to the hard work of @up201705417! Federate all the things! Standards are powerful things!

@wakest shit, now i can't call gnu social obsolete broken software anymore :notlikemiya:

˗ˏˋ wakest ˎˊ˗

@bryan it seems that by next year is gonna have some serious traction. This space is moving so fast.

@wakest good, keeping a nice standard active like ActivityPub that uses JSON is a good thing.

Keeping active support for a terrible decade-old sloppily-put-together "protocol" mishmosh of other protocols, calling it OStatus, using XML decades after better, lighter alternatives came into play, and discontinuing work on the spec itself is a really bad idea.

It was only a matter of time before GNU social either died or got with the times.

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