I'm thinking about building an #ActivityPub plugin for #Wordpress. Does anyone know if something like that already exists? Is anyone else interested in that?

@jdormit Interesting. I'm curious about use cases or features you have in mind.

@icaria36 I see a bunch of benefits to federating WP via ActivityPub. From a consumer point of view, it becomes really simple to follow and aggregate content - instead of signing up for an email subscription or hoping that the site has RSS enabled, you can follow their ActivityPub outbox and their posts will show up in apps like Mastodon. Plus, commenting becomes the same as posting any other ActivityPub message, so you can do that from the ActivityPub app or client of your choice.

@icaria36 From a site owner point of view, putting your content into an ActivityPub network means that people can share and follow your work seamlessly. This gives you much greater reach and organic growth potential - you can get in front of an audience where they line to hang out (Mastodon) instead of putting them through the additional hurdle of discovering and navigating to your site.

@icaria36 There are also some really interesting implications of a federated WP server - you could have authors from other WP sites write posts for your blog, you could follow or comment on other sites as your site, you could write a blog post that replies to another blog post and actually shows up in a thread with the original post, etc.

@icaria36 As for why WordPress - it runs half the internet! Making a one-click install plugin that puts a WP server onto ActivityPub has the potential to dramatically increase mindshare and usage of Mastodon, PeerTube, and other ActivityPub apps.

@jdormit @icaria36 would really love to see more progress in this direction. We did some work suggesting implement too a while ago: forum.ghost.org/t/federate-ove

And thinking about how activitypub could kickstart social blogging again would be really exciting. The ability to 'tag' activitypub people in any article you are writing on any CMS you might want to use and have them all be notified and be able to respond is really powerful to think about.

@wakest @icaria36 yeah, that's a super cool idea! Federating via a protocol means no platform lock-in.

@jdormit @wakest @icaria36 I've been thinking about this a lot -- if consumer blogging software went AP compliant it could make AP social networks significantly closer to the beloved Google Reader social model at its zenith, of course without the megacorp calling the shots

@darius @jdormit @icaria36 I have been thinking a good place to start in terms of converging of "mainstream" social networks it so convince tumblr to implement some sort of ability since they are already sort of internally federated in terms of being able to reblog stuff from custom domain to other custom domain.

@wakest @jdormit @icaria36 haha that would involve convincing tumblr to do anything but run in forever-maintenance-mode

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