I have internal funding and approval to offer an 'e-learning 3.0' MOOC this fall (*lots* to cover here). I'll be using gRSShopper to offer it, and participants can use their own gRSShopper instances to take it.

I like to have guests participate in my MOOCs. I have my own ideas, of course, and a good set of topics. But I'd like input. Who would you like to see in the upcoming MOOC? I'm looking for diversity of perspective, new voices, internationalism...


> I'm looking for diversity of perspective
What about two alternative perspectives of cognitive architectures and styles: Kirschner/ Willingham’s Cognitive Load Theory and bashing of styles, and Iain McGilchrist’s sort-of architecture of hemispheres and modes? Additionally, @c4lpt, @davewiner, @jimgroom ?

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