@Downes much of it may be well over my head (namely sessions 1-7), but I'll be there. I'll be quite happy with the last two :)

@lauraritchie My objective is to make it so that these topics are not over anyone's head. It's a bit difficult; each week is the very tip of an abyss; I find myself drowning in it almost every day (today, for example, exploring the JAM Stack and failing to make the Google API work the way I want it to. But I'm hopeful; and people will be learning with me.

@Downes say that before the start - as you'll know, once an expert, that reputation precedes you whether that's desired or not- and I know you learn in the open, but I think people might not *expect* that.

Also there are many practitioners who would benefit from the course but will be put off by the tech at the front end of the course. -if you say, for example, about the one click Reclaim Hosting install, you'll have instant attendees who might otherwise have, at best, lurked.


@lauraritchie @Downes "put off by the tech at the front": That's indeed a danger. But a real cMOOC will not require the previous stuff for the subsequent stuff? The stuff is just the McGuffin?

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@x28de @lauraritchie I'm trying to set this up so that each week is a self-contained topic. This topic can then be approached from different directions, at different levels. The content is a McGuffin - yes - but the other aspect of a connectivist course, the one where I provide a series of reflections - is also present.

@Downes I think a 'how to participate' post may both explain and entice a lot of people.

You started to do this (adding the what you get out of it/what's different) at the bottom of your g-doc page, but to get that far, people need to read all the rest first :)


@x28de @lauraritchie @Downes I also think the tech might be a danger, depending on who you want your audience to be and why. I am always interested in your work and ideas Stephen, but I would need a 'Dummies Guide' to gRSShopper and would really need to be convinced that it would benefit me, e.g. although I tried out FedWiki I found the tech side frustrating and by the end I couldn't see what was to be gained from the technology. But I know I am not an early adopter :-)

@jennymac @x28de @lauraritchie @GeoffreyGevalt

OK, I've written a short introduction capturing the comments all of you have made. Before I post it generally, could you have a look and tell me what I'm missing?


@Downes @jennymac @x28de @lauraritchie Stephen, thanks so much. That helps enormously to get my tired little brain around what you are planning. Daunting, but awesome. I look forward to participating and learning from you and others. cheers.

@Downes @x28de @lauraritchie @GeoffreyGevalt Thanks - that works really well for me and is reassuring, although I don't have a clue what JAM Stack or Google API are, so I wonder if reference to them should be so near the beginning. That said, I think you have to assume that those interested in participating will have some background in all this.
I noticed a typo in the para beginning -Another way of looking at community - but it reads really well.

@Downes @x28de @lauraritchie @GeoffreyGevalt Will you have an 'About me' page - which will explain your background and why you think it important to offer this?

@jennymac @Downes next up we'll be requesting your cat to join in with the hangouts :)

I'm only half joking - part of the thing that comes with being an expert is also the possibility of (incorrect) perception of being so far removed from everyday experience of the other.

@x28de @GeoffreyGevalt

@lauraritchie @jennymac @x28de @GeoffreyGevalt Oh I fully expect my cat Alex to make an appearance in the videos. I'll leave it up to him tho - you can't force a cat to do anything. (We also have two other cats but there is no chance that they would ever jump up while I'm doing a video).

@Downes Seriously though, I will be there and will happily blog away bumbling through and asking very public questions about tech when stumped. :) @jennymac @x28de @GeoffreyGevalt

@lauraritchie @jennymac @x28de @GeoffreyGevalt Awesome - it's so helpful when someone does that, because people think they're the only ones who don't know, and are afraid to ask, when in fact most people don't know.

@Downes fantastic!

Only one (tiny) suggestion - edit it to be simply 'about me' instead of that archaic and loaded term 'instructor' - especially as you have elegantly and convincingly demonstrated above that you will be 'in it' with us.

@jennymac @x28de @GeoffreyGevalt

@Downes initial reaction though, is YES! and when I got to the how we learn bit, that is *exactly* the talk I gave my students today- who all frustratingly refuse to make blogs

It sounds like the 'course' is really an interactive OER-handbook. It's quite like (although completely different scope) my music class- that isn't a class at all, but a growing resource that people in my class follow as they work toward an outcome.

I never got fancy and it's all on the MUS654 tab on lauraritchie.com

@lauraritchie Yes, I want it to be a growing resource.

But I also want it to be an event, so people feel they're participating, not just consuming.

@Downes yes - the community is what makes these good. Solo is ok, but it's like playing music in a practice room only - you just miss so much of everything from process, to creation and communication, to engaging with those on the receiving end.

If it can be a recurring and growing event, even better. :)

@Downes @x28de @lauraritchie @GeoffreyGevalt Great. I think its important to introduce yourself, even if most people will already know of you. There's a typo in the first sentence of para 5 - and I'm not sure about the first sentence in the last para, which doesn't seem to read quite right.

@jennymac @x28de @lauraritchie @GeoffreyGevalt Took me a moment to figure out what was wrong, then realized I had written 'ask' instead of 'as'. :p Fixed.

@Downes I have just tweeted your half-an-hour post about E-learning 3.0 and realised that it doesn't have a date for the course in it. Is this intentional?

@Downes @jennymac I've been watching and waiting as well. I think it's because in your post it says the website will launch in the end of Sept. -so I was wondering if we are supposed to do pre-work or anything.

18th is WAY better :)
Treading water in work over here...

@Downes @x28de @lauraritchie @GeoffreyGevalt I wonder about the word 'Instructor'. Do you view yourself as 'the instructor'? I remember your post - the role of the educator :-) I'm just thinking that if you are running this on your own, then you wouldn't want everyone turning to you with every question?

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