@Downes trying to follow along with the grashopper tutorial but it's unclear to me how the sql database suddenly appears under the right subdomain. I created the database, but it's not listen under the subdomain.


@rolandlegrand @Downes Roland, I think the database and the subdomain are connected by the initialize.cgi script described at minute 40 which stores that info in cgi-bin/data/multisite.txt

@x28de @rolandlegrand That's right.

gRSShopper looks for the domain of the request (eg., el2.mooc.ca). It then looks in cgi-bin/data/multisite.txt for a line beginning with that domain. This line defines the major site variables, including the name and login for the database.

multisite.txt is updated by the initiatize.cgi script. It detects the domain name it's running on, and associates it with the database values you enter into the form, and writes a line describing this.

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