#EL30 Hi @Downes Hoping the Riyadh conference is going well for you. I just noticed the #EL30 course feeds OPML (/course_feeds.xml) doesn't seem to include my website? The /course_feeds.*htm* webpage does list it.


@Downes @daveymoloney
The page el30.mooc.ca/cgi-bin/page.cgi? does not show up in the publishing location, and Firefox won't display it and my XML editor bemoans "UTF8" instead of "UTF-8" with a hyphen. And page 238 seems unpublished.

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@Downes @x28de
That seems to have fixed it. Just imported 32 feeds into gRSShopper instance. Thank you both.

@x28de @Downes
I see the same. I tried opening the link in a private browsing window and all seemed okay, just a few new feeds to approve.

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