@yogthos it's so weird seeing whatsapp being on the other side of things. Because everyone has been wondering if the end to end encryption they offer is even functioning as it should. A lot of people think they(whatsapp/facebook) can break the end to end and that it is not even really true end to end encryption.

@bowner my view is that any closed encryption protocol fundamentally can't be trusted. Even if the algorithm is sound on paper, there is no way to verify that it was implemented faithfully.

At the very least the protocol must be published, and people must be able to write clean room third party clients to confirm that it works as stated. Anything less is a faith based system where you're implicitly trusting the vendor.

@yogthos i agree totally. I use an xmpp server that is installed on a VPS and we use omemo encryption. I guess that's really the most trust you can have...but still in theory i guess it could still be broken..
@yogthos and by I ,I mean my good friend ghosty installed on the server
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