@yogthos Seriously click-baity and eye-roll inducing. I'd be just as creeped out about massive data collection, under a bad privacy policy, for undisclosed purposes, even if it was run by anarcho-socialists who intend to give away every penny to fight climate change.

@ricardojmendez but surveillance capitalism is a big and thriving industry at the moment, while I'm not aware of any anarcho-socialist efforts on that front :)

@yogthos But the problem is still surveillance, not capitalism.

Communist regimes were big on surveillance decades earlier - they just had no clue how to make it sustainable. These companies sadly figured out how.


@ricardojmendez ultimately the problem is authoritarianism. And unfortunately we can have both communist and capitalist flavors.

The main differences I see is that under the current model nobody cares that they're under surveillance all the time, and both governments and private interests end up with their hands on your personal information.

The really disturbing part is that most people will gladly give all their information away as long as there's a free service attached.

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