@yogthos these are not all noble gases, hydrogen and nitrogen are not

Really? I always thought, that helium is a transition metal.


Very exciting demonstration!

Incidentally, those gasses are at low pressure in those ampoules.

Wonder what a tesla coil would do near an old plasma tv. Probably excite it to white, or nothing at all (transparent front electrode).

@yogthos I've seen this before but I will never not share this!

@yogthos Why isn't nitrogen used for lighting? In this clip it looks like it glows even brighter than neon, and it's loads more abundant

@yogthos I guess it's better to ask past-tense, "why hasn't it been used"

It wouldn't be used now anyway because LEDs are so much more efficient, at least I assume. But also I think those curlicue bulbs were full of argon, right?

@socalledunitedstates @yogthos It is not a noble gas. So in contrast to neon it would likely start to react with your electrodes, given enough free electrons. (Which you need for that nice glow.)

@sebastian @yogthos Hmm. Couldn't you keep the electrodes separated from it, like in this gif? Or would that drastically decrease the efficiency

@socalledunitedstates @yogthos Efficiency and If you want to have any form a radio communication near it doing it like that would be a bad idea. What excites the gases in the video is the strong alternating electric field. The glas basically acts as dielectric forming a capacitor (the gases on each side being the electrodes). You need a rather strong field for that to work, which in addition to causing wide band radio interference will damage any electronic device that gets close enough.

@socalledunitedstates @yogthos If you have electrodes inside the a low pressure gas, you need a much weaker field to get it to light up.
Looking at the arcs I'd say that tesla coil should produce around 15-25kV. (Mine had similar arcs and I measured it once).

Your standard office ceiling neon tube runs on 230v after an initial kick with a few thousand volts from the starter circuit to get the electrons moving.

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