When somebody says that they're not worried about global warming because they're not sure it's happening ask them if they'd feel comfortable living in a house that failed to pass inspection and has been deemed unsafe because it could collapse at any second.

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@masterofthetiger @yogthos
The climate change is a big problem for us all, like the broken house which can collapse. What is Mother Earth no other than a great house for us?

Okay. I do not understand the false predictions though. They say, "it will be irreversable in ten years" then that time passes, and they say the same again. What should I believe?


@masterofthetiger @Astronom point is how much are you willing to gamble 7 billion lives. There is a strong scientific consensus that global warming is happening, it's caused by humans, and horrible things will happen. Maybe all the experts are wrong, but is that really the gamble we should be making?

I am not trying to say global warming doesn't exist, or isn't serious. But I am wondering who these "experts" are. Because I think there's only a (relatively) small group of scientists who actually are authorities on the subject. For example, and astronomer is not going to be an expert in climate change.


@masterofthetiger @Astronom there is a consensus amongst the climate scientists on this topic. These are the people who literally devoted their lives to this subject. It's really bizarre to me that people question this. These are literally the people who know best.

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