Hi everyone !

We are happy to open the beta-testing for version 3.4 ! 🎄

This version includes many changes among which : warnings when you install low/bad quality apps likely to not be working correctly ; a new standardized SSH configuration ; fixes for the infamous "infinite pacman" bug ; and other fixes and improvements !

We would be glad to receive feedback to make sure of the stability of this version before releasing it ! ✌️

Merry christmas and happy new year ! ☃️

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There is minor typographic issues in your English sentences.
Also, it is weird to see "WARNING" in caps lock while it is related to the level "danger".

Also, a good YEP related level, doesn't mean quality. It is easy to bypass the tests, or to break the system even with good tests.

"Installing 3rd party applications may compromise the integrity and security of your system" : this is true for any app installation. What's the real impact of 3rd party installation? No automatic update?

I'm unsure anyone really check community packages changes. There is no more guarantees, is it?


When I install an application and I get an error and this application is not installed. At the web interface I have a never ending pacman eating my screen but no message to tell me that the application is NOT installed. Can you improve the information when we have problems.

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