We are happy to announce the release of 3.6 \o/ ! πŸŽ‰

It comes with:
- a new unified application list, with more than 100(!) well-packaged apps
- UX improvements in the self-upgrade mechanism, and various stuff for the CLI (autocompletion, manpage, ... πŸ‘Œ)
- progress on some features which are still experimental (app actions and config panel)
- updated translations !
- annnd manymany fixes / enh :blobcatcoffee:

Check out the release note for all the details 😘

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@yunohost Thank you for all your hard work! It really pays off for us that dont know how to do it!

@yunohost 100% en catalan. Finalement j'ai fini la trad!! :D

@yunohost super awesome, you don't get enough press for all the awesome work you guys do.

This project has so many more apps than the other self hosting projects I've tried.

@yunohost Upgrade in progress! And thank you Guys for the amazing job!

@yunohost Braaaaaviooooooo!! Amazing news, you’re da best!

@yunohost Really want to give it a try on my raspberry pi. I am guessing you are still building the images:

@ashwinvis You can still install the current images and just upgrade the system

Upgrade done ! Great job thanks a lot to all the team!

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