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Aaand here it is..!!! 😱

After months of hard work with @jblanchefr, @clipdropapp beta (AR Copy Paste) is now publicly available on , , , and

🔥 clipdrop.co 🔥

Here's a thread of what you can already do with it ↓ 1/n

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Halide Mark II is here. An all new app. Redesigned for every iPhone. Packed with incredibly advanced tools. We set out to make the very best camera, and here it is: blog.halide.cam/introducing-ha

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I'm almost as excited to read @austinmann's iPhone camera reviews as I am about the actual new phones. This year is no exception. Wow.


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making computers better
part 4 ‣ how we interact with our tools


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Worth noting that some of the behaviour changes in the IEA's net-zero scenario are quite dramatic. They include:

🏡 20% of people working from home 3 days a week

🛬 Eliminating all short-distance (<1hr) flights

🚶‍♀️All car trips <3km replaced with cycling/walking twitter.com/DrSimEvans/status/

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As a European, I'm getting increasingly tired of American influence, from media, politics, work & lifestyle etc. It is overwhelming how much input is coming from US when it doesn't relate to my experience / life / context day to day.
At this moment there is no way to filter it.

Exposure Notifications recorded 100% battery usage almost every hour overnight on my iPhone, 🔋40% → dead ☠️ this morning..

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The @NHSCOVID19app which uses the Apple/Google privacy-centric model is now live. Please, for the sake of everyone in your life, download it, set it up, and get your friends and family to as well. Every business should have a check-in QR code poster for you to scan too.

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Facebook's Project Aria, an effort to map not only public places but *users' private homes*, will obviously be an utter privacy nightmare, but I think it's uniquely terrifying even beyond that. It's also a symbol of just how delusional the company has become

Hm, my iPad has the new upgraded Apple Maps data for the UK, iPhone still on old – both on the latest iOS 14 developer beta. Really is a randomised roll-out.


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The fact that one company controls email, half the mobile phone OS market, monopolizes search, has a duopoly in online advertising (including political advertising in the one country with significant potential regulatory authority) and killed Reader is a crisis for the open web.

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NEW: @YouTube confirms it is discontinuing its community captions feature, which allowed viewers to contribute subtitles to other channels to make videos accessible to and hard of hearing people.

The tool will be retired on 28 September 2020.

✅ Steam friends/games + Xbox Live friends and (recent) games are now being synced, and enriched with extra data from @rawgtheworld

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New blog post up: so, you've probably seen all the tweets about GPT-3.

GPT-3 is objectively a step forward in the field of AI text-generation, but the current hype on VC Twitter misrepresents the model's current capabilities. GPT-3 isn't magic. minimaxir.com/2020/07/gpt3-exp

 feedback on SwiftUI Form + ListStyle: "While a Form on iOS is technically implemented as a List with a specific ListStyle, this should largely be invisible to developers and they should treat Forms as an entity separate from List where .listStyle would not apply" / @Mecid

Have Apple used emoji like this anywhere else in their UI design? Spotted this usage in iOS 14, viewing achievements for an Apple Arcade game

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If you only watch one WWDC session, this is it. Such a great explanation of what makes a pointer “feel” right. A lightbulb moment developer.apple.com/wwdc20/106

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