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I think I got hacked lol
I have no idea why I am following over a 1000 people, I don't know that many people on here nor do I just follow people just like that, thats wild

Finally got my account back after some funkiness, woo!

Some more Echo Lake doodles! This involving another band led by this punk gal name Heather!

making a webcomic is easy, here's all the things you'll need:

- be out of your goddamn mind

I know I don't post on here a lot, but I just thought I'd let y'all know I am 1/4 closer to the inevitable death of my mortal coil... so that's cool! : D

Here's some other sketches from the same time that I probably won't be finishing any time soon!

A savage worlds character based on a friend's universe that I've been invited to play as!

Their name is Frances / Red Knux, an underground pit fighter.

Quick experimental doodle with my character Alan from Echo Lake!

A birthday gift for a friend and fellow player in my Sunday D&D game, starring another friend's character. : >

Stay warm and safe midwesters, I know I'm not going out today! Oh lawdy no!

I started this back in 2018 but only shared it on patreon and hadn't touched it for months. Stayed up to crazy o'clock to get it done haha!

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