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One more set of my mini-scenery illustrations! I have too much fun with these.

Oh well, I guess I'll share with y'all later ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Damn, my net is so bad I can't even upload a 700kb pic?? 😒

Oh! Mastodon update! So nice to see mentions have their own tab now, I can never lose y'all again! 💚

Spider-Verse was very good and Miles is too fun to draw!! Such a treat~

✨ I updated my online shop! ✨
You’ll find A5 prints, button pins, bookmarks, an original GL zine & a bunch of originals!

& for every order until wednesday, you’ll get a free A5 print of my greeting card with my lovely Tamaan ✨

✨ ✨

(Boost 💕)

I'm going to be seeing Spider-Verse this weekend and I am so excited for it!!

A doodle of mine and @0tacoon 's Inquisitors! Eira and Pyra, taking advantage of some much needed down time by the fire place. Pyra doesn't understand why Eira can't read AND talk, like, c'mon

Who doesn't like hanging out at a desert Junkyard in the middle of the night! Oh hey it looks like someone is here too--

Wanna see a cool trick with rocks? I sure do! Hehe, had the inks for this sitting around for a bit so I decided to finish it!

A rough concept I did earlier this year based on a cool dream. Characters based on myself and a friend @0tacoon ! The characters were fleeing a powerful fire entity who had a mysterious vendetta against them. Might wanna revisit this one day!

Some art of a buddy's character, Sign. She's an adorable, chaotic mage from the Mage game I've been a part of!

A scene from a Mage: The Awakening campaign a friend is running. My mage Anansi managed to pull a powerful Seer of the Throne mage (they're bad news) into the spirit world with her in order to trap her. It was an awesome scene...

A comic about my mage character from a 'Mage: The Awakening 'game. Anansi when she was younger, then known as Talia. A memory that's stuck with her over the years.

Made this silly doodle of myself so I could let people know where I'm at, mastodon included haha!

Wheezes, trying to keep up with Mastodon notifications is bonkers! There's so many of y'all! @w@ thank you for all the boosts, love and kind words! 💚 💦

I also keep toying with the idea of making it a game, but I gotta learn how to do that first. 🤔 lol

Unlike my webcomic Fyrearm, this one is more of something I want to work on slowly and get the tone just right. Echo Lake is a small town spook kind of tale. So that has its own particular mood - as opposed to superheroic western action haha

I got quite a few related works but a lot of it is a work in progress since the story itself is very uh... work in progress as well, haha

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