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Some more Echo Lake doodles! This involving another band led by this punk gal name Heather!

making a webcomic is easy, here's all the things you'll need:

- be out of your goddamn mind

I know I don't post on here a lot, but I just thought I'd let y'all know I am 1/4 closer to the inevitable death of my mortal coil... so that's cool! : D

Here's some other sketches from the same time that I probably won't be finishing any time soon!

A savage worlds character based on a friend's universe that I've been invited to play as!

Their name is Frances / Red Knux, an underground pit fighter.

Quick experimental doodle with my character Alan from Echo Lake!

A birthday gift for a friend and fellow player in my Sunday D&D game, starring another friend's character. : >

Stay warm and safe midwesters, I know I'm not going out today! Oh lawdy no!

I started this back in 2018 but only shared it on patreon and hadn't touched it for months. Stayed up to crazy o'clock to get it done haha!

Fake promo art/album for my characters' band. This is a smaller version of an already big piece, but this is the core of it! 👌 ✨

Just really tired these past few mornings. Coffee only goes so far, eh? :' )

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