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After a few weeks of suffering and doctor's appointments and other stuff, it seems like my mind is back to somewhat functionality, with working.

I'll be talking with @Gargron today or tomorrow, about the work I've been doing, and if we should sign a new contract. And this is something I'd love to hear your feedback on.

How's do you feel these past 3 months have been, with me on the payroll as Project Manager for ?
All honest and constructive feedback is welcome.

@WalrusWaffles Click through to the patreon for more options (like bitcoin address)

@impiaaa Sorry for being nonfunctional for a while :( @nightpool

Want to help improve the instance picker at ?

There are two ways of doing so,
Update your instance' info:

And give general feedback here, just remember to read the other responses first:

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Since this is way over my head, I figured I can share it at least to help facilitate some discussion:

" with
There has been only a small amount of talk about this previously, but I wanted to bring up discussion of Federation with IndieWeb. This includes all the installs of Known,, and a number of other smaller sites (some 2300)."

via @dissolve

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v1.4.7 is released (and has been running on for a few days):

It improves session and 2FA security, fixes broken "favourites" view in web UI, adds swiping to the mobile web UI, and sends e-mails to admins about new reports

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If you are an instance owner, or contributor to Mastodon in some other way, there is a Liberapay community you can join as well:

We also have a wiki project, which could definitely use more people working on it. If that's your kind of thing definitely check it out:



There are other ways to support the project too, either by contributions to the code:
Or supporting those who contribute.

Also remember that you can support your local server, check if your admin is added to this list:
(Instance Owners, add your info!)

Don't forget that this project stays alive thanks to continuous support via donations.

There are a few ways you can help us continue our work. Direct donations via paypal

Or monthly and weekly support via,
or Liberapay:

On we are 8 supporters away from 750 patrons! Our stretch goal of $5000 means we can make another hire!

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Yo yo yo!

v1.4.6 is released. I have not announced 1.4.4 and 1.4.5 (for a reason) so most will probably be upgrading straight from 1.4.3. For the full changelog, I do recommend looking through those two releases, but upgrade instructions are simple:

Notably, the "NSFW" button has been replaced with an eye icon for consistency, hashtag timelines now update in real time as they should, and spinny text is gone

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If you want to share the link on Birdsite?
Consider boosting this toot/tweet:

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Please use this for feedback

Or create issues on the github repo

Because it's quite hard to track all suggestions in my mentions ;)

And if you want to support @TheKinrar for their good work with helping build on the ecology of Mastodon, you can support them via Patreon (and find other donation options on their page)

It is here, the Instance Picker!
You can help your friends find a home on , by directing them to two places.

If you also want to provide them information about what Mastodon is, is the place

If you want to just help them pick an instance, @TheKinrar 's instance picker can be found at

And a feedback thread is here:

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Thank you for your reports. You're helping us keep the instance safe and friendly. Please keep sending them in if you see someone breaking the rules ( ).

Just so you know, there's no automated report handling on; we read each one carefully and make a case-by-case judgment.

Don't forget to mute or block if you see something that's allowed but you personally don't want to keep seeing. No one will judge you; your timeline should be your space.

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Re: @Mastodon

"no one monitors this account, don't message it"

Use @Support if you want help.

OR ask questions publicly attaching and people will help answer your questions! (this is the best option)

Given that this ( is most shared instance, to preserve the ideals of decentralization we have closed sign ups in favour of spreading new users through the various alternative instances

— you get access to the same network wherever you sign up —

You can find a lot of these instances here:

And share this with your friends:

An important regression was unluckily reported a few hours *after* the release went out, so now we have to immediately bump it up to v1.4.3 with a hotfix. No special upgrade instructions but updating the code are necessary

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. We have lots of systems to assure code quality, review changes, test releases, but sometimes errors still slip through the cracks.