But in general, when the likes of Buffet and Munger opine on economics, it seems more likely that they are attempting to influence people to act in a manner that is favorable to them rather than simply offering a neutral analysis.

In fact, I can't help but wonder it the Bitcoin comments were intended purely as an experiment to try to influence BTC prices, as Elon Musk has apparently done recently.

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Some recent articles (that I would link but have been having trouble tracking down) quote Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger dissing Bitcoin and claiming that low interest rates will decrease wealth inequality.

The latter statement appears to be based on a belief that interest is a primary driver of the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich: a dubious claim, especially given that interest rates and inequity appear to have had an inverse relationship over the past 50 years.

Did take-out twice today, and both times somebody fucked up my order.

Gonna start making my own food on weekends.

OMG, one of my favorite garment providers (ScottEVest.com) just sent out a marketing e-mail formatted in Markdown!

I may have to buy a new vest just to show my appreciation.

I put zynaddsubfx on the [Pidal](mindhog.net/~mmuller/news/2021) this week (we were backing this trip-hop vocalist, and the music called more for synth than another guitar).
It worked out really well. The Pi 4 handled the computational load of zyn without a whimper, and the band and a few listeners really liked the sound.

The 6yo: daddy, I've died many times.
Me: does it hurt?
6yo: A little. You'll find out.
Me:. K. Thanks.

When thinking about Java generics, the term "hot mess" comes to mind.

lewd, geeky 

You say you're all about that database, but I just want to stare at your entities.

I take some pride in the fact that at my age, I'm still banging myself up on a skateboard instead of just falling in the bathroom.

Who'da guessed orange juice and 5-hour energy don't entirely suck when mixed together?

/me sings Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"
The 6yo: Daddy, could you sing in your mind? Because I'm trying to play.
You don't really care for music, do ya?

...aaaand once again coming the conclusion that this is a bad idea and I should just reuse the protobuf-based RPC framework that I already have.

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@Gargron Any plans to support Markdown for toot entry? 😀

@gmcgath Sadly, I fear this would run afoul of the Copyright Gestapo...

I can't draw at all, but I'd love to see a cartoon with Mickey Mouse yelling "You're offensive!" at Kermit while handing money to a Chinese concentration camp guard. Perhaps the background would be a wall topped with barbed wire, bearing a sign reading "Location shooting: Mulan. Trespassers will be re-educated."

The 6yo was trying to talk to the 10yo, who kept replying "what?", Infuriating the 6yo. So I tell the little guy "When he does that, say..." (Murmur) "butthead say what?"

I just made a magnificent hearty mac and cheese!
10yo 👍
6yo 🤢
daddy [seeks emoji conveying "comatose"]
mommy [had a late lunch, not yet comatose]

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