TMW you realize that the weird backtick or comma or period you've been puzzling over while looking at your code is actually a tiny piece of crud on your screen...

A common example of this would be systems that allow you to specify options by name, but simply ignore names that won't be used by anything (such as misspellings or deprecations).

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I was thinking about how to describe software systems/features where you can do something that doesn't have your intended effect but also doesn't produce an error; I think a good term for this behavior is "passive aggressive."

Fixed the handle on my wheelbarrow today.

Relatively easy job, but quite satisfying given that I've been mostly sedentary for the past two years.

You know, sometimes I get the feeling the compiler simply ignores all my comments 🤔

Today I'm thinking about the great bittern and its mating call

Turn up your subwoofers

cw selfie, ec, boosts appreciated 

if you're seeing this
you're gay

Gradually building an old-skool wiki with some modern improvements (markdown elements, javascript rendering).

I'd like to say there's a good reason why I'm reinventing this particular wheel, but the simple fact is I just have control issues 🙂

I don't play out very often (every couple of months, normally) but it looks like I have two gigs coming up in 3 weeks -- with two separate bands and lots of material I'm not very familiar with.

Kinda freaking out.

Intentionally misspelling "Meta" as "Meat" from now on.

Lexical closures are just insanely useful. The next language I create will have them, for sure.

Finally getting back to recording the song I've been working on. I think I nailed the clean guitar part tonight.

I got sidetracked working on adding EQ to my DAW. Needed it for two of the vocal tracks my friend did for me and it sort of became a project.

That's the problem with writing your own tools.

Well, reconfiguring dkim after an upgrade just cost me two hours of my life.
It's important for developers and packagers to consider the upgrade path for configuration files. Wish we did a better job at that.

Ended up with 4^(3 * x^2). Almost exactly what I need. I could probably tweak the base and exponent coefficient to get an even closer match, but I think this is good enough.

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.... except that the parabolic curve actually goes out of range. yar.

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Trying to map a midi controller (range 0-127) to a very pesky LV2 parameter that seems to want to range from 0.015625 to 64 with 1 as the default.
Feels like this should be an exponential mapping, but if there are values a and b such that a^b*controller_value have the appropriate values, I'm not sure how to track them down.
I looks like it's pretty easy to go from 3 points to a parabolic curve, though, so rather than map that to the coefficient of the exponent, I guess I'll just do a parabola 🙂

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