Drivin' my big old Buick past the , smilin' and wavin' at the kids!

Not to seem insensitive, but as a Yank I kind of see as a long running drama series that's currently at risk of stretching the suspense out beyond the limits of what the audience is willing to endure. Kinda like the reporter murder sub-plot in "House of Cards."
Fair warning: wrap it up this season or I'm gonna stop watching.

Let this serve as notice that I am coining the term "snixel" for units of resolution of scent devices.

exasperation: finding your favorite interview question answered online -- badly.

the 4yo: "I have two cozy stations: you and mommy. You, because you remind me of mommy, and mommy because she actually IS mommy!"

Looking through our team's database migration plans, feeling my longstanding dissatisfaction with RDBMSes bubble to the surface...

school shootings, racial correlations 

Last night I saw a Christian woman on her YouTube channel talking about being a "clockslave" and I couldn't stop giggling.

Lady, worrying about the time is the least of your problems if you keep going around calling yourself a clockslave in mixed company.

"functional core, imperative shell" is probably the most important concept that drives how I design my app code today destroyallsoftware.com/talks/b

i LOVE old rotting stumps with a ton of different life coming out of them

Not really getting why ActivityPub makes you sign only the date and target URL of the message but not the message itself...

Pressure cleaning my deck today. What a difference it makes!

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