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I find it interesting how mastodon has terrible content filtering options compared to twitter.

the filtering model in this system resides totally on the blind faith that other users will use the "content warning" feature in a manner that satisfies your preferences, the failure rate of which scales up as more users use the network... and this is even worse compounded by the fact that most clients try to shove shove the instance and federated timelines in your face.

expectation: I can sign up for any instance and follow my friends in other instances, yay!

reality: can't follow my friend from another instance because my/their warlord admins blocked my/their instance for stupid reasons, users playing hot potato trying to keep up with instances falling into disrepair or imposing draconian new site rules on a whim

twitter is going to be killing the streaming api in june[1], which doesn't affect me much directly, but the developer of my preferred mobile app has also discontinued his work on it due to running out of tokens[2], soooo... I guess I'm back here (conditional on if I can manage to tolerate the local culture here enough)

[1]: apps-of-a-feather.com/
[2]: twitter.com/Sam_Ruston/status/

oh they still haven't fixed how the layout only takes up half the screen width on my 27" display, huh

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holy shit check this out, for doing game boy development, they had a "Wide-Boy", a large board version of the gameboy hardware that plugged into a NES/SNES so you could see what you were doing on a TV: cybre.space/media/BHlqkSScWuPb

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Happy Cyber Monday everyone!

(Image source was from @superdeluxe@twitter from like 2016)

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I hope I live to see the future where mobile devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) have modular components like PCs

I'm so hyped to get my 5t today. the beat up nexus 5x I'm typing this from has served me well but I need that cpu, ram and storage upgrade

also hello I am still alive

I went back to twidere on my phone so mastodon gets a second pass I guess

I love the dumb names people have to come up with to conform to the mozilla license's branding clause

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*me, after turning into a dog, not really used to it yet, still tryna work shit out*





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Ultimately Mastodon's killer feature is that it's a public good that someone built because they thought it needed to exist and not a startup someone built because they wanted to get rich quick selling other people's data.

whenever I see gargron's av the nose looks like a mouth and it looks dumb as shit lmao

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