travelling right now, trying to use long distance public transport but just doesn‘t allow TLDs with numbers in them???? But works of course… Also is not a valid email domain according to them, so how do the lovely employees of stiftung warentest book a trip :D ?

Updated my website ( ) for the first time in like forever. The biggest change is the custom theme I've written for hugo now.

Super snappy because nothing fancy. No bloat at all, just html, only 50 lines of css, and a very tiny bit of JS to fetch my PM10 and PM2.5 data from my DB.

Couldn't be happier - less is more.

Tauri 1.0 Release note blog entry ( made me genuinely smile! It may be not 100% scientifically accurate, but just going the length to explain how many trees are needed to consume the CO2 emissions of an app in distribution is amazing!

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VSCodium – Free/Libre Open Source Software Binaries of VS Code -

Just gave my snake medicine via injection (administered by the vet) for the first time in 16 years of him being a healthy good boy.

It's good to know how to help, but oh boy, it's an emotional roller coaster :D

Like the new design changes. Took a second, but it's nice! Great job!

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financial loss crypto no-financial-advice 

monetos gone - no regerts 💶 🔥

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youtube, russia, ukraine, war, freedom, mcdonalds 

This man has seen a certain degree of freedom come and sees it go again in the form of the biggest giants in american capitalism: McDonald - the last bigmac in russia

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ExcusSsSe me sSsSir, do you hazSzS a few minutes to talksSsS about python? 🐍

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As a raw SQL person - ORMs are growing on me 🙊 .

war, blood, gore, nsfw, ukraine 

Resource should be consumed with caution. It contains very heavy images of the ukraine-russian war. Some videos are unconfirmed. Use with caution.

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holy crap this really isn't a joke


The Russian military website ( is returning HTTP error code 418 indicating the Russian Military is now a Teapot.

No, this is not a joke.

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