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Recently provided the ingest server and help to bring this livestream to the masses. Streamed via a mobile hotspot many said it wasn't possible ;)

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✨ Half A Billion

According to, mastodon has 501M+ posts across 3K+ servers!

Isn't that amazing? I think the is on to something 😉

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Starting a band called Main Page. We will quickly become popular, since Wikipedia will have no choice but to include a disambiguation link to us at the top of its own homepage.

Went and saw some proper locomotives yesterday.....

Deltic anybody?

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If you use Mastodon, you may have noticed there's an intermittent bug where a hashtag search sometimes produces a list of related suggestions but not the tag you searched for.

This effectively blocks you from searching for that tag, and also breaks other functions such as filtering tags in multi-column mode.

I reported this back in February, followed it up in May and then again today. You can let the developers know you want this issue fixed by giving it a thumbs up:

#Mastodon #MastoTips

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Would you rather prefer an early app beta release at the expense of some missing features like DMs and Stories or would you rather wait for a feature complete release?

Feedback and shares are greatly appreciated!

Went to RIAT. Toasted all over despite SPF50. Took thousands of pictures.... still not even gone through them all yest, but I do like this one!

Off to RIAT 2022 and I've made the mad decision to hire a lens for the weekend. I hope it's worth it. Canon 70-300 L IS is my weapon of choice ;)

When public transport in the UK looks almost decent...

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My version of infodumping is saying nothing on social media for a week, then suddenly releasing 10 posts in a hour, only to disappear again. 😆

Woot mastadon app installed... it's er OK!

RIP Dave Smith. Synth god but more importantly defined MIDI and got it out there for the masses.

Gone but never forgotten!

Great to see this classic toon resurrected due to Stranger Things season 4....

Happy 96th Birthday to Marilyn Monroe! Gone but not forgotten...

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Looking forward to some plane spotting later this year!

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